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Comfort & Climate Box

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Integrated systems consisting of heat pumps and storage are an important technological option to accelerate the use of renewable energy for heating and cooling. By combining heat pumps and storage, several issues may be tackled, such as:

  • Balancing & controlling electricity grid loads;
  • Capturing a larg(er) share of renewable (local/regional) input (i.e. solar thermal, solar PV);
  • Optimizing economics, CO2-emissions, fuel use throughout time;
  • Providing optimal supply security to buildings.

Commercial development of this type of solution is progressing very slowly. This Combined Annex will accelerate market development of combined heat pump / storage packages (working title “Comfort and Climate Box”, or CCB). This will be the first Annex to integrate the work from the HPT and ECES Technology Collaboration Programs (TCP), building upon the earlier work in the fields of Heat Pumps and Storage systems.


  • Main goal: to develop improved CCBs in existing buildings to speed op market development. We will strongly focus on systems that will be close to commercial realization (i.e. technology readiness level upwards from 7/9) and have a high quality, adopted to their local market. The work will be oriented around the nine quality criteria (see figure) to define the concept of improved quality.
  • The underlying drive is to accelerate the market development for CCBs to enable rapid growth of the application of these promising heating systems in differing climate zones.
    By exchanging the lessons learned from the separate developments in each participating country, we will enable the participants to help each other to speed up their local market development.


Task manager(s)

  • Dr. Peter Wagener
  • Business Development Holland, Netherlands


Task 34 is completed. For requests and information, please contact the ECES TCP secretariat using the contactform below.