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Meeting combined Annex HPT and ECES

  • October 24, 2017
  • Nurnberg Messe Center
    Nurnberg, Germany

During the Heat Pump Summit 2017 in Nurnberg a meeting is organised to start a combined Annex with TCP Heat Pump Technologies (HPT) and TCP ECES. To start the discussion on the framework and contents of this new Annex, Peter Wagener (BDH) will give a presentation. The initiative for this meeting follows the presentation and decisions taken at the ExCo meeting spring 2017 in Rotterdam. The meeting will start 8am. The meeting room will be indicated at the entrance of the Nurnberg Messe Center.

The presentation held by Peter Wagener during ExCo 83 spring 2017 in Rotterdam: 83.4.1 ECES and HPT Annex XX

The presentation made by Peter Wagener for this meeting: 20171024 ECES en HPT Annex XX.compressed

For more information on TCP HPT please visit their website. For more information on the meeting venue, please visit the website of the Nurnberg Messe Center.