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Carnot Batteries – Academia meets Industry

  • January 28 – 29, 2021
  • Online

About this Webinar

The 2050 net-zero carbon economy requires a much higher penetration of renewable sources (RES) into our energy system. This poses a significant challenge in shifting the provision of base-load energy generation to intermittent energy generation and thus energy network stability. This calls for highly flexible, low-cost and energy-and-resource-efficient energy storage technologies to balance the energy supply and demand mismatch. Among the storage technology options, the emerging Carnot Battery technology provides a potentially low-cost and site-independent solution for electricity storage at medium to large scale. Carnot Batteries work by transforming electricity into thermal exergy, storing the thermal energy in inexpensive media (e.g. rocks, molten salts), which can convert back to electricity when required. In addition, Carnot Batteries provide new opportunities for coupling of energy vectors through integrated power & thermal energy management.

The aim of this webinar is to bring together both Industry and Academia communities to identify major challenges in Carnot Batteries (CB) and their role in future zero-carbon energy system, and to discuss how we may work together to address the challenges. The focus will be on understanding the state-of-art in the development and demonstration of key CB components (e.g. compressors, expanders, heat exchangers, pumps, heat/cold storage), their performance under both static and dynamic, as well as under designed and off-designed conditions, and economic aspects.

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